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Books and catalogues

2018 The thin red line, Mousse Publishing, Milano / KARMA Books, New York

2018 The Syz Collection, Banque Syz, Geneva, Switzerland, JRP Ringier

2018 DONT/Conscious Decadence, Halle9 Kirowwerk, Leipzig

2018 Spoilag, Wschód, Warsaw, Poland

2017 ‘PUBLIC FOLDER #3 / Golden Record (Book)’, Public Folder & Revolver Publishing

2016 ‘Whatspace 2008 - 2016’, A Whatspace Production

2016 ‘My Abstract World’, me Collectors Room Berlin / Stiftung

2016 ‘Fasi Lunari’, Fondazione Carriero, Milano, Italy

2016 ‘David Ostrowski & Michail Pirgelis. Nothing Happened / To Lose’, Leopold-Hoesch Museum und Papiermuseum Düren, Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne

2016 ‘I want to die Forever’, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Buchhandlung Walther Kölnig, Cologne

2016 ‘Nothing Happened / To Lose’, Leopold-Hoesch Museum und Papiermuseum Düren, Düren, Germany.

2016 ‘I want to die Forever’, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria.

2015 ‘Feelings: Soft Art’, Rizzoli, New York, USA

2015 ‘Sprayed: Works from 1929-2015’, Gagosian Gallery, London, UK        

2015 Hudson, Suzanne: ‘Painting Now’, Thames & Hudson

2015 The F Word, ARKEN Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 A man walks into a bar, Hatje Cantz, Germany                  

2014 Autocenter, Distanz Verlag, Berlin

2014 Beers, Kurt: Introduction by Gregor Muir: ‘100 Painters of Tomorrow’, Thames & Hudson

2014 Beware Wet Paint, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino, Italy

2014 How to do things left, Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL, USA

2014 Rubell Family Collection: ‘Highlights & Artists' Writings’, Miami, FL, USA

2013 artothek 2013, Raum für junge Kunst, Cologne

2013 Ostrowski, David: ‘Even the most beautiful woman ends at her feet’, Meurer Verlag, Cologne

2013 Ostrowski, David: ‘F Paintings’, Peres Projects, Berlin

2012 Dann lieber nein, Figge von Rosen Galerie, Cologne

2012 Ostrowski, David/ Randt, Leif: ‘Shake Your Tree’, Nr. 4, Berlin

2012 Palais 18, Nouvelles Vagues, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

2012 Parkhaus im Malkastenpark 1997 – 2011, Karl Heinz Rummeny

2012 Rising, Young artists to keep an eye on, Daab Verlag, Cologne

2012 Salvador, Anthony (ed.): ‘DRTY TLK’, Amsterdam  

2011 Ostrowski, David/ Seibel, Philip: ‘Die Lügnerin’, Format:C, Düsseldorf

2010 We redefine when we come of age 1976-1987’, TTC Book, Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 Material, published by BLAST, Darling Publications, Cologne

2007 Ostrowski, David/ Frintrop, Max: ‘Hulk vs. Hulk’, Acapulco, Düsseldorf

Articles and reviews

2016 ‘Michail Pirgelis and David Ostrowski’s visual affinities come into focus’, Wallpaper, Online, November 25

2016 ‘Abwesenheitsnotiz’, Monopol, Online August 3

2016 ‘PEOPLE OF INTERVIEW in Cologne with artist David Ostrowski‘, Interview April Issue

2016 ‘Surface, Image, Reception: Painting in a Digital Age’, Alex Bacon, Rhizome

2016 Hoffmans, Christiane: ‘Kurz vor Erreichen des Nullpunkts’, Die Welt, May 21

2016 Wach, Alexandra: ‘Weniger ist mehr‘, Monopol, Heft 6

2016 ‘David Ostrowski and Michail Pirgelis “To Lose” at Leopold Hoesch Museum‘, Mousse May 12

2016 ‘(Nothing Left) To Lose‘, Text by Daniel Schreiber, Elephant Magazine

2016 Pfennig, Leonie: ‘Micro celebrities und more than one place: unterwegs vor, nach und während der 50. Art Cologne‘, KubaParis

2016 Feldhaus, Timo: ‘12 Dinge, die von der Art Cologne übrig bleiben‘, Spike

2015 Völzke, Daniel: ‘Chez Michael Douglas’, Monopol

2015 Honigman, Ana Flingel: ‘The F Word: Exploring the Potential of Errors’, Modern Painters, July/August

2015 David Ostrowski - The F Word, Arken Museum, Aujourd’hui, March 1

2015 Florian, Federico: ‘David Ostrowski at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo’, Art in America, January

2015 Geers, David: ‘Formal Affairs’, Frieze, Issue 169, March

2015 Gottschalk, Molly: ‘The Top 10 Artists Under 35 in 2014’, Artsy, January 4

2015 Heiser, Jörg: ‘Around Town-Various venues’, Turin, March, Frieze, Issue 169 March

2015 Seidel, Stephanie: ‘The pipe at the gates of dawn’, Frieze d/e, Issue 18, March-April

2015 Smolik, Noemi: ‘The Abstract Turn’, Artblog Cologne, January 18

2014 Berlin Gallery Weekend 2014 – 7 Exhibitions Not to Miss, Highsnobiety, April 30

2014 Beware Wet Paint: The ICA’s latest ambitious exhibition, The Independent, November 28

2014 B.K., Ana: ‘Just do it, David Ostrowski’, Widewalls, November 3

2014 Borcherdt, Gesine: ‘Beware Wet Paint’, Turin/London, art Das Kunstmagazin, online, November 26

2014 Botz, Anneli: ‘The Enigma of David Ostrowski’, sleek, Issue #42, Summer

2014 Butler, Sharon: ‘Portfolio: It’s about something. It’s about nothing’, Twocoatsofpaint.com, February

2014 Chang, Richard: ‘A beaten Romanticist’, Harper's Bazaar Art (China), March

2014 Charlesworth, J.J.: ‘David Ostrowski, Yes or Let’s Say No’, Art Review, March

2014 Cologne stars, Wallpapper, February

2014 Cooper, Ashton: ‘Review: David Ostrowski's "Emotional Paintings" in Berlin’, Modern Painters

2014 Cooper, Ashton: ‘Review: David Ostrowski's "Emotional Paintings" in Berlin’, BLOUIN ARTINFO, May 22

2014 David Ostrowski - Emotional Paintings at Peres Projects, Berlin, Mousse Magazine

2014 David Ostrowski alla Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, La Stampa (Torino Sette), September 5

2014 David Ostrowski, ExtraTorino, October

2014 Elderton, Louisa: ‘David Ostrowski’, Simon Lee Gallery, London, March 10

2014 Emotional Paintings: David Ostrowski, cura magazine, June

2014 Famosi, Mica/ Famosi, Gia: ‘David Ostrowski e la pittura sbagliata’, Torino+ Piemonte

2014 Forbes, Alexander: ‘Berlin’s Gallery Weekend Forges Path to Success’, artnet, May 6    Contemporary Art

2014 Gallery Weekend Berlin, Sieben aus fünfzig: Die besten Ausstellungen zum zehnjährigen Jubiläum, Welt am Sonntag, Nr. 17, April 27

2014 Gallery Weekend, Interview, May/June

2014 Gambari, Olga: ‘Fondazione Sandretto: "David Ostrowski"’, la Repubblica, September 11

2014 Giacomelli, Marco Enrico: ‘Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. Le mostre della stagione ‘Il pittore errante’, Il Giornale dell’Arte, September

2014 J. Amdam, Peter: ‘Twelve profiles account for the best of the season: David Ostrowski’, Kaleidoscope, Issue22

2014 Kohler, Michael: ‘Schmutzfink und Romantiker’, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, February 26

2014 Kultur/Notiert, David Ostrowski, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, Mai 20

2014 Lolli, Martina: ‘Tutto sulla pittura. Alla Fondazione Sandretto di Torino’, Artribune, December 2

2014 Magot, Timothée: ‘David Ostrowski at Almine Rech: Kein (Goldene) Scheiss’, WAD Magazine Spring

2014 Maric, Bojan: ‘Emergence of four’, Widewalls, December 31

2014 Martinez, Salvador: ‘David Ostrowski, exponente de la pintura alemana en boga’, Marabilias, May 16

2014 Meixner, Christiane: ‘Berliner Kunst: Schöner, grösser, weiter’, Der Tagesspiegel, May 2

2014 Michalska, Julia: ‘Berlin Gallery Weekend has a growth spurt’, The Art Newspaper, May 3

2014 Mistrangelo, Angelo: ‘Dall’11 tris di mostre alla galleria Sandretto’, La Stampa (Torino Sette), September 11

2014 Neave, Kate/ Peres, Javier: ‘embracing the extreme', Dazed & Confused, December

2014 Neve, Sophie: ‘David Ostrowski: A Complex Lineage’, ARTUNER, February

2014 Pinet, Sophie: ‘8 (très) jeunes artistes qui montent, qui montent ...’, AD Magazine, October 2014

2014 Randal, Matt: ‘10 Emerging Contemporay Artists’, Wiedewalls, July 27

2014 Randal, Matt: ‘10 Emerging Contemporay Artists’, Wiedewalls, September 30

2014 Reyburn, Scott: ‘Galleries Try to Find Their Niche’, The New York Times, May 11

2014 Reyburn, Scott: ‘Hot New Artists, Getting Hotter’, The New York Times, April 14

2014 Schraven, Hannah: ‘Den Baum in der Kirche lassen – Unser Gallery Weekend 2014’, gallerytalk.net, May 2

2014 Stokou, Despina: ‘How to fuck things up 2, Less than David Ostrowski, Berlin Independents Guide’, Bpigs, April 23

2014 Tittel, Cornelius: ‘Creative Leadership’, 032c, Issue #26, Summer

2014 Tris di opening alla Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Art Texts Pics, September 11

2014 Truax, Stephen: ‘Review: David Ostrowski’s ‘Emotional Paintings’ at Peres Projects’, Apollo Magazine, May 15

2014 Werneburg, Brigitte: ‘Weiter vital, Gallery Weekend Berlin Feierte 10. Geburtstag’, taz, March 5th

2014 Wer uns was kommt 2015, Leer-Stück, K.WEST, December/January 2014/2015’, Artribune, September 10

2014 Wiensowski, Ingeborg: ‘"Gallery Weekend"- Ausstellungen: Avatare in Berlin’, Spiegel, May 6

2014 Wiensowski, Ingeborg: ‘Geschichtete Gefühle’, DER SPIEGEL, KulturSPIEGEL, September 29

2014 Wright, Karen: ‘Through the paint barrier’, The Independent, September 23

2014 Yerly, Sophie: ‘Gallery Weekend/Day II/Archeology’, EYEOUT, May 5

2013 Asthoff, Jens: ‘David Ostrowski’, Kunstforum International Nr. 221, May

2013 Barnes, Daniel: ‘Bold Gestures of Anti- Painting’, Artslant, December

2013 Bell, James: ‘Art - David Ostrowski, Simon Lee Gallery’, City A.M., November 29

2013 Carmichael, Elisa: ‘25 Artists to Watch in 2013 - David Ostrowski’, Complex, January

2013 David Ostrowski - Yes or let’s say no, Wall Street Magazine, November

2013 David Ostrowski Inszeniert Zufälle in der artothek, Rheinische Post, April

2013 David Ostrowski’s emotional paintings, Conceptual Fine Arts, December

2013 Gavin, Francesca: ‘Driven to Abstraction’, Dazed & Confused, March

2013 Gavin, Francesca: ‘Exhibition of the month: David Ostrowski’, Dazed & Confused, December

2013 Gavin, Francesca: ‘The Return of Abstract Art’, Dazed Digital, March

2013 Griffin, Jonathan: ‘David Ostrowski’, Art Review, Issue 65, January/February  

2013 Hudson, Suzanne: ‘David Ostrowski’, Artforum, March

2013 Koerner von Gustorf, Oliver: ‘Sieben Maler fürs 21. Jahrhundert’, Monopol, September

2013 Müller, Sabine Elsa: ‘Kölner StadtRevue’, April

2013 Powell, Stephen: ‘David Ostrowski - Yes or let’s say no’, The Upcoming, November

2013 Randall, Brent: ‘David Ostrowski’, Husk Magazine, February 02

2013 Shaeffer, James: ‘David Ostrowski’, Kaleidoscope, April 04

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2013 Styrie, Hanna: ‘Nur noch Ozzy Osbourne fletscht seine Zähne’, Kölnische Rundschau, April 09

2013 The Gaurdian Guide, December 7

2013 Woeller, Marcus: ‘Er steht vor dem Nichts’, Welt am Sonntag, Nr. 12, March 24

2013 Woeller, Marcus: ‘Ja, nein, vielleicht! David Ostrowski malt das Nichts’, Blouin Artinfo, November

2013 Yin-Wong, Flora: ‘Driven to Abstraction Day 2’, Dazed Digital, March

2013 You Are Cordially Invited, The Artfair Issue, Nr.1

2012 Haiss, Bettina: ‘Einer kritzelt, einer läuft vor die Wand’, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, April 16

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2011 Kröner, Magdalena: ‘Auch im Sommer auf allen Kanälen’, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, August 13

2011 Severin, Katharina: ‘Alle Jahre wieder’, artnet, December 8


2018 ’David Ostrowski & Michail Pirgelis conversation’, artfridge.de, March 19

2018 ’On rejecting professionalism’, Julian Brimmers, The Creative Independent, March 15

2017 ‘Bei mir geht es in den Keller hoch’ – Interview with David Ostrowski, Irene Angenica, ATPdiary, September 30

2017 ’DONT ’ – Ein Dialog von Kunst und Musik von Dj Brom, Verena Glup & David Ostrowski, Thomas Venker, Kaput – Magazin für Insolvenz & Pop, September 13

2016 ‘PEOPLE OF INTERVIEW in Cologne with artist David Ostrowski‘, Interview April Issue ‘Abwesenheitsnotiz’, Monopol, Online 3. August

2015 Jäger, Rebecca: ‘Das Neue Sehen’, Qvest Magazine, No.67 Summer

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2014 Meris, Fabrizio: ‘David Ostrowski, il Golden Boy dell'Arte Contemporanea’, i-D.com, September 29

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2014 Beware Wet Paint, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino, Italy

2013 artothek 2013, Raum für junge Kunst, Cologne

2012 Palais 18, Nouvelles Vagues, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

2012 David Ostrowski & Leif Randt, Shake Your Tree, Nr. 4, Berlin

2012 DRTY TLK, Published by Anthony Salvador, Amsterdam  

2012 Dann lieber nein, Figge von Rosen Galerie, Cologne

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